Friday, January 11, 2008

The Solution is in the Cup.

Seal America, with Rev Larry Huggins will be on the Michigan Capitol steps tomorrow at 11:23am. Come out with us. We are expecting 100s of believers to experience the awesome power that comes to heal and set free, through the communion. This picture was of Rev Huggins at Faith City last Wednesday just before we took communion as a church family. It was off the hook... What a great act of love, that Jesus took sin's punishment on His cross for us... that we could go free and experience victory in every area of life. This is what we remember when we take the elements of communion... that Jesus' body was broken so that ours could be whole. He took our sin and torment, so we could have freedom from sin and have peace. God is great, full of compassion and grace... you have got to come out and experience Seal America... God bless...

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