Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Son Jeremy Traveling for a year

This morning it happened. Our son flew out to Madison, WI to be with Rev Larry Huggins and the Seal America campaign. This is the first stop for the Seal America team to have communion service on every state capitol steps in the U.S. It will happen here first in Madison on this Sat Jan5,2008 at 11:23am on capitol steps. Many believers have committed to be there to pray and receive the communion meal... then the team heads to Lansing, Michigan on the next Sat, Jan 12,2008 to do the same thing, and then each week they will be traveling to another state capitol. Jeremy will be working hard side by side with Rev Huggins to help bring a change in America will a new trust in God to bless this nation... maybe it's time for you to be involved in the solution... Anyway, Kathi and I already miss our son, but are so proud of him and the effort he will be making this year. Love you son dearly... Dad.

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