Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's meet at the Capitol in Lansing Michigan

This Saturday, at 11:23am on Lansing Capitol steps is where we will be. Right along with the Seal America team, and also Pastors, Politicians, and Christians... praying for God's grace and power to influence our state in every area of life... Not demonstrating against anything, but asking for a demonstration of His love and grace. The picture is from the first Seal America visit to Madison, WI last Saturday. There was a great turnout and God really blessed the effort... We want to see it happen again this weekend, so join us. The Seal America will be going to every state in the union this year of 2008. Stay informed by clicking on Sealamerica.org. NOW... if you want to really experience the Seal America travel blog go to myusajourney.com. My son Jeremy is writing a play by play, day by day story that's funny, exciting, inspiring, and down right great. Check it out...

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  1. Hey Pastor. Going over to Jeremy's blog reminded me about yours so thought I would come over and see what you are talking about. Looking forward to Wednesday I know God has something good, later.