Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Kathi and I believe this will be your year of new beginnings. In the Bible the number 8 means just that; new beginnings... Believe God for new health, prosperity, peace and revelation... He has already given us all things that relates to life and godliness... so expect what He's given to manifest this year of 2008... I am studying out all about His Grace and I am blown away on just how powerful it is... I'll be doing a series in Feb on "The Amazing Grace"... If you think about it there is nothing our good works can add to our salvation, it's all about His grace to pave the way, show the way. and keep the way... sooo... more later on that. Our youngest son Jeremy will be leaving tomorrow morning for a year on the road with Rev. Larry Huggins, and his group called Seal America... They will travel to every state capital in the U.S. and have a communion service on the steps of the capital with Christians in those communities. It will be quite an endeavor... more on this in future blog... Peace-out.

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