Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seal America #4 Ohio

Today the Seal America team will be on the State Capitol steps in Columbus, Ohio at 11:23 am... Please agree for the Lord's blessing and favor to fall... The team will receive the communion elements and pray for a move of God in every area of this state and all of America... for more info go to, Peace and grace.

Money, money, money...

I am excited about Faith City services tomorrow. We are continuing our "Overhaulin" series and this Sunday it's about getting your money figured out. Our Financial Peace directors Mike and Vicki Duff will be leading the charge... they have got a gift to share what they live, and you will find freedom if you put into practice what they bring to the table tomorrow, so don't miss. Not only is the info shared exciting, but Mike and Vicki make it fun, practical, and doable for anyone, no matter where you are financially... You'll have to repent if you miss this one... peace and grace..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Receiving versus Achieving

As I study for my series on Grace coming up in February, I saw this pic of my grandson Ethan climbing on one of those blow up games. I thought about how we sometimes try to achieve what God has already given us through Jesus Christ. We try to please God through our actions, thinking that the actions will get Him to love us more...or give us a blessing because of our hard work at being good. We can think that for God to bless me, I must deserve, or earn, or merit God's favor by my own efforts. We can think that God's blessings are based on my performance and good works. But no, this is not God's way. His way is not about achieving, but receiving. Matter of fact, the Bible tells us that the way to be blessed in life through Jesus Christ is by RECEIVING two things from Him; 1. the abundance of Grace; and 2. the gift of righteousness. ( Romans 5:17). See, God's way to blessing is all about receiving what Jesus has already done for us. He promises that when we receive His grace and gift of righteousness, we will reign in life...not when we achieve grace, but receive grace... and that's a big difference... so get to receiving...
Peace and grace, I'm out

Monday, January 21, 2008

Feel weak? Pray n the spirit

One lesson I learned early in my christian journey is to pray in the spirit as often as possible... sometimes praying with my natural mind is not conducive, because the bible says, I can pray amiss... or miss it in prayer, but when you pray in the spirit language the bible says it's my spiritman praying prayers directed by the Holy Spirit and I know He will not pray the wrong things or ways... so come on superman, stoke it up and get praying in the spirit, "come on somebody!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Teenager or Young Adult

I spoke last night about how the Bible sees growth from birth... 1 John gives us a glimpse... from children to young men to fathers. In Bible culture the children become young men at the age of 13. In Jewish culture the children live in the Age of Directives... which simply means that " Children obey your parents..." You live under directives, not suggestions... then when a child becomes 13 they experience their Bar Mitzvah, ceremony on becoming a man... a girl at 12 has a Ba Mitzvah.. they enter into the age of Decision for 17 years, until the age of 30. During this time they utilize good trusted counsel, which could be their father, older brothers over 30, Doctors, businessmen, Rabbi, etc, that they know and trust... Every decision they will have to live with so they are smart enough to get counsel before they make it. The bible says there is safety in a multitude of counsel... which we would heed to follow ourselves... How many times I might of made a better decision if I submitted to godly counsel... Then at thirty a man would be available as a trusted counsel himself... By the way, Jesus started His ministry at 30 after receiving His fathers blessing and release to do it. No where in this process do you experience adolescence or teenager... In the bible there is no such animal... It's an American invention to keep our young adults as children... I think it's time to change... We need fathers and sons working on life together, experiencing life together, and building a better world together... there is no place for division between the generations... just a smooth transition from one to the other... young men learning for the fathers, mentors, etc... and the older getting strength from the younger... this is the way we will change our world... let's go.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Solution is in the Cup.

Seal America, with Rev Larry Huggins will be on the Michigan Capitol steps tomorrow at 11:23am. Come out with us. We are expecting 100s of believers to experience the awesome power that comes to heal and set free, through the communion. This picture was of Rev Huggins at Faith City last Wednesday just before we took communion as a church family. It was off the hook... What a great act of love, that Jesus took sin's punishment on His cross for us... that we could go free and experience victory in every area of life. This is what we remember when we take the elements of communion... that Jesus' body was broken so that ours could be whole. He took our sin and torment, so we could have freedom from sin and have peace. God is great, full of compassion and grace... you have got to come out and experience Seal America... God bless...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's meet at the Capitol in Lansing Michigan

This Saturday, at 11:23am on Lansing Capitol steps is where we will be. Right along with the Seal America team, and also Pastors, Politicians, and Christians... praying for God's grace and power to influence our state in every area of life... Not demonstrating against anything, but asking for a demonstration of His love and grace. The picture is from the first Seal America visit to Madison, WI last Saturday. There was a great turnout and God really blessed the effort... We want to see it happen again this weekend, so join us. The Seal America will be going to every state in the union this year of 2008. Stay informed by clicking on NOW... if you want to really experience the Seal America travel blog go to My son Jeremy is writing a play by play, day by day story that's funny, exciting, inspiring, and down right great. Check it out...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Time for refreshing

This Wednesday Rev Larry Huggins will be at Faith City. He always has a great word from God when he comes in. Also the Seal America campaign was a God inspiration in Rev Huggins heart. He will share about that also Wednesday night. For more info on Seal America go to Sooo come out at 7pm and hang with us. There will be a Holy Spirit refreshing that is going to fall on us and people will be blessed... Can you handle that? then see you then...Peace out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Son Jeremy Traveling for a year

This morning it happened. Our son flew out to Madison, WI to be with Rev Larry Huggins and the Seal America campaign. This is the first stop for the Seal America team to have communion service on every state capitol steps in the U.S. It will happen here first in Madison on this Sat Jan5,2008 at 11:23am on capitol steps. Many believers have committed to be there to pray and receive the communion meal... then the team heads to Lansing, Michigan on the next Sat, Jan 12,2008 to do the same thing, and then each week they will be traveling to another state capitol. Jeremy will be working hard side by side with Rev Huggins to help bring a change in America will a new trust in God to bless this nation... maybe it's time for you to be involved in the solution... Anyway, Kathi and I already miss our son, but are so proud of him and the effort he will be making this year. Love you son dearly... Dad.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Kathi and I believe this will be your year of new beginnings. In the Bible the number 8 means just that; new beginnings... Believe God for new health, prosperity, peace and revelation... He has already given us all things that relates to life and godliness... so expect what He's given to manifest this year of 2008... I am studying out all about His Grace and I am blown away on just how powerful it is... I'll be doing a series in Feb on "The Amazing Grace"... If you think about it there is nothing our good works can add to our salvation, it's all about His grace to pave the way, show the way. and keep the way... sooo... more later on that. Our youngest son Jeremy will be leaving tomorrow morning for a year on the road with Rev. Larry Huggins, and his group called Seal America... They will travel to every state capital in the U.S. and have a communion service on the steps of the capital with Christians in those communities. It will be quite an endeavor... more on this in future blog... Peace-out.