Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are you Twisted, Sister?

I started a new series last Sunday called Twisted, which deals with the idea of an invisible world that impacts us on how we think about every area of life. Taking truth and twisting it just a little can be life threatening, emotionally life threatening, and even can be relationally life threatening. Yet many people reject the idea of an invisible world that impacts our visible world. In the 1800's many also rejected Louis Pasteur's "Germ theory of disease", which he found that invisible micro organisms were the cause of disease. The invisible affected the visible. He believed that disease did not just crop up randomly, but there was a invisible world of germs that caused the problem. In the same way, many today do not realize that there is a invisible force that wants to destroy mankind. They think whatever happens just happens. But we live in a world in which an evil influence exists that will use deception as the way to destroy mankind. This way of deception, or distortion, we call "Twisted thinking", or "twisting the truth" just a little to make it seem reasonable. This is what we are talking about the next two Sundays. Join us as we shed light on the deceiver. You'll never be the same.