Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reading improves your sex life.

I'm not sure if reading does that, but now that I have your attention, men especially, let me encourage you to read good books. Books will improve you in every area. A statement my wife and I have said for years is, " If you can read, you can reason, and if you can reason, you can rule." and isn't that what God wants us to do, have dominion? Here is a list of where reading can help improve life.
1) Read the Bible for spiritual growth, along with answers to every area of life.
2) Read books on marriage, it will spark the fire...
3) Read books on leadership, everyone of us need to be a great leader, whether we are leading a fortune 500 company or leading a little child, both are very important, especially to that little child.
4) Read books on self improvement, maybe its on weight control or exercise.
5) Read books that have to do with your line of work, your occupation. Getting better at what you do, gets you in line for promotion and favour.
6) Read books on history, find great leaders and glean the characteristics that made them famous.
7) Read books to your children if you have them, or grandchildren... they will get a vision that reading is cool and carry it on.
8) Read books on your hobbies, have fun reading...

I believe in reading... I usually have three to seven books I'm reading to keep my mind in the game and focused... You really can't go wrong reading... It will stoke a fire of vision, passion, creativity, and take you on a journey that will stay with you for life... SO, READ, just make sure it's the good stuff... Finally I guess if you read reputable books on enjoying yourself in your marriage, reading could improve your sex life...cool