Saturday, August 11, 2007

Steamboat Springs is a town

I have been in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this week and it was a blast. Meet with Pastor Jim Scalise, along with Jerry Cox, a pastor from Jackson MI and John Gwatney, a pastor from Iuka, Ms. We were there to help Jim with starting a gospel work there. Jim has moved to Steamboat from Houston three years ago and God has been doing supernatural things with and through Jim to get prepared for this new work. We toured the property that was given Jim for a ministry facility, had prayer meetings, and even had some time for golf. The balls fly father in the Colorado altitude than in Michigan, which was cool... Steamboat is a beautiful place, mountains surrounding the community in the valley. A skiing resort community. Please pray for Jim and the work God has given him to do there. Met some wonderful brothers there, like Ron and his son, Shad... Love you guys... keep it real... Thanks for your generous hospitality.