Sunday, July 15, 2007

We shared the Real Secret.

Wow, Sunday service was a total blast... the music was worshipful... and it seemed that the talk on the Real Secret came across... many told me it helped... During the service we handed out wrist bands to everyone and asked that we wear them for 21 days on one wrist without talking negative, whining, complaining, or saying wrong words... and if we do say any of those things we must change the band to the other wrist and start over on the 21 days... 21 days can make a habit so we thought if we wore these bands it would make a influence on speaking right words, words of faith and power... which will make a difference in our life... anyway... everybody seemed stoked up for the "21 day challenge"... cool huh! We will continue for next two Sundays on the Real Secret, so come out and get in on it... We will still be handing out the wristbands too... By the way, they are a cool red color and have The Real Secret embossed on them so it can be a way cool witnessing tool... If you want to get one to wear for the 21 day challenge, you can call the office (810-750-2200) and request one... we can send it to you free... By the way do you know what is "the Real Secret"?