Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Golfing is Worship

When you do what you do to bring pleasure to God, that's worship. Well today Chuck Siglow(on left)Myself, and Billy Joe Brown(on right) hit the links to worship God. That's my story and I believe it. Anyway, it was great and the friendship with Chuck and Billy is refreshing. Both men are faithful members at Faith City Church, and are always encouraging people both in the church and out. Chuck and his wife Becky serve as our Children's pastors. They run a great team and are one of the reasons people come back to church once they have visited, the dynamic children's stuff. Billy and his wife Lina are also go getter's at church. They are so.. encouraging to everyone they meet. Billy is always hitting his ball farther then Chuck and me, so today we conspired to give Billy his new golf handicap, like running over his leg with a golf cart, but we decided to worship instead, just kidding, Billy's a great golfer and friend.

Aliyah Back from New York

My granddaughter Aliyah took her mom and dad to New York for 10 days. Boy that's a long time in baby days, because they change so fast. She has now mastered the art of crawling. She is like her mother (my girl Tabitha) wonderful, lovely, and smart. She too comes from great mom, Kathi Lee. Whoa...I am Blessed.

Tragedy Strikes

Many feel numb after student kills 32 and himself at Virginia Tech. A nation mourns, a President reaches out, families try to make sense of senseless actions, and we can pray. Those investigating described Cho Seung-Hui as "emotionally troubled, a loner, who seemed not to have had many friends". Even more reason for us to reach out to those around us, for only God can change a heart, but He works through His people. Please pray for victims families and all affected.