Saturday, April 14, 2007

iWorship This Sunday

Whoa, am I stoked about this Sunday and our iLife series. I am talking this week on iWorship and how huge this is to Father God. Lets face it one major purpose of our life is to bring pleasure to Him. If you were thinking of coming to Faith City this Sunday, think no more, just get there... You will never be the same. And Faith City freaks bring someone with you. Thats why God invented cars that have more than one seat, so you can bring someone to church with you and you can also carry your golf clubs ( just kidding;-)about the golf clubs anyway. This message kicked my butt as I prepared for it... I am believing that many lives will be changed for good this Sunday... let's all get them there... Blessings

Freak of the Week

Wednesday night I told the church family we needed to have the "Freak of the Week" honorable mention because there are so many people at Faith City that are going over the top in Serving, loving, Growing, and just being super in making Faith City the awesome place it is. Listen I certainly know that everything that happens around the "City" is because of committed members that have got the vision in their heart and walk it out. SO... the Freak of the Week is... the whole Faith City core group,that make it happen week after week for His glory. Thank you Faith City team, you rock..We are looking for next weeks FOTW, it might be you...

Family Rocks

Kathi and I are watching Ethan our grandson yesterday and today, and it is a blast. He's the little guy in front of picture. I had a picture of Ethan and our dog Razor looking our a window together, but I can't seem to get it downloaded unto my blog. It's a PC, go figure. Anyway, we were in the toy store last night looking for just one thing to buy. Well Ethan was distracted by some weird toys I for sure was not going to get,( did I mention he is 3) so I said "Ethan look at these helicopters over here", and he said; " Oh, yeah,... Hold On", as he was walking away. Hold on, what do you mean Hold on. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the millions of distractions, I mean toys. Kind of like us with God; He says look at this or come here and we say; "yeah...Hold on..." What has you distracted so that it's hard to respond when God wants your attention. Anyway we did get the helicopter and Ethan and I am lovin it. It's the rescue helicopter ,sounds and lights and a cable that goes down to save Lego people that get stranded in the sea of carpet in the family room. I think the helicopter stays at Grandpa's house when Ethan goes home. Cool, Nana and I can play with it... Did I mention it has lights and sounds with it...