Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday Rocked

Wow, Sundays service was over the top. The place was packed out, the songs were electric, God's Word came across powerful and lives were changed. At least 5 people committed to Christ. Over 100 prayed to seek God for an answer to their desperate situation.I spoke about, "God loves desperate people", and how the lady with a blood disease in her desperation came to Jesus. She said within herself "' If I just touch his garment I will be healed." In her desperation she crossed medical, social, and religious taboos, and followed her faith. Jesus met her at her point of faith and she was healed. This account is found in Matt 9:20-22. Jesus told her that it was her faith that got the job done. Are you desperate enough to believe God for your situation? Where are you using your faith?