Friday, March 30, 2007

How Desperate are You?

I'm preaching this Sunday April 1, 07 at Faith City the message; "Desperate People Don’t Stop". After 53 orbits around the Sun, I have come to the conclusion that…DESPERATE PEOPLE can do stupid things.. I know that I have had more of my share of desperate times…and have done stupid things in my desperation. Have you ever experienced a desperate situation?
Sheer desperation will cause you to make wrong decisions; say hurtful things; misunderstand others; and misinterpret what is really happening. Here is what I NOW know...GOD LOVES DESPERATE PEOPLE, and He's willing to invade our desperate time and change us into a no quit, no stopping kind of person. DON'T MISS this Sunday; I'm desperate to see you...

You can't miss Easter Sunday!

I thought I would remind Faith City family about new iLife Series starting Easter Sunday. Invite, invite, and invite some more. This will prove to be one of the most exciting series where we will get a dose of the Purposes of God for our life. I believe many will come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here's your opportunity to see your family and friends hook up with the Lord.If you click on you can send an E-invite to your peeps.