Friday, December 7, 2007

Use Christmas Time Right

I love this time of year... colored lights, pretty sights, snow on heights... wow that rhymes. Christmas time for Christians can be a powerful time to share the message of God's love with friends, co-workers, and such... Don't miss the opportunity... The greatest gift was Jesus sent to save the world of sin... we can share that more openly during this season than any other... Take advantage of it... And by the way, don't get stressed out over the holidays... take it easy, don't let it pressure you... take a deep breathe and enjoy your family, friends, and neighbors... That's where your church family comes in...Go to church services and worship God together, enjoy God's presence. I am sharing more about this Sunday in our new series called,"How the Grinch steals Christmas". Come out and get blessed.

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  1. Hi Karl,

    Just found your blog. Great stuff!!

    James Muffett