Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanks to the Backbone of Faith City

Tonite we celebrate the over 120 awesome volunteers of Faith City with a special banquet. I am excited because of the wonderful people that are a part of the team. Workers that serve week in and week out, making a difference in the excellence and quality of the ministry here. This is the backbone and heart of Faith City. Tonight we honor those who see the bigger picture, that we are called to serve with our gifts. Thank you team members, thank you for every child that is cared for, thanks for every family that is made to feel welcome, thanks for every heart that is made eternal because you serve at Faith City with your whole heart. Thank you for reaching out with the love of God throughout the prisons, nursing homes, jails, through over 350 extra services in the surrounding counties. And mostly, thank you for being Jesus in someones life. Faith City Volunteers, you rock. Can't wait to see you tonite.

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  1. Better late than never... Just was checking in on things and saw this INCREDIBLE picture of Brennah... I really needed this today as I am missing her a GREAT deal today. She is gone for 8 days to Cali with her dad.... Thanks....

    Love you guys,
    Kellie S. Poehner