Sunday, November 4, 2007

God Time

It's Sunday morning and I am having my quiet time with Him... God is great, full of compassion and grace. Changed my clock back last night, so my body said get up at 5 am, instead of 6am... I am looking forward to going to Faith City later this morning to worship Hm with my family and friends, but right now this quiet time where I can hear His voice so clear for direction and strength is sooo good... True peace is found when you go into His presence... and also fullness of joy...Lord You are so merciful to me... I love you and I love your ways... Your voice is full of acceptance and joy... Help me to honor You in all my ways, and thank you for forgiveness when my ways fail to glorify You as You deserve...You're my King... be praised..

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Pastor for an AWESOME word on HOPE.... You are an INCREDIBLE Man of God and we thank you for all you do and how God ministers thru you to each of us...

    Love you,
    John & Kellie