Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keep plugging in to God

You can not plug into God to much... this is what I have found over 30 years of following Christ... I know that praying makes a mega difference in a persons life. I believe pray more= less stress; and pray less= more stress. I always start my day praying in the spirit, so that my day is ordered of the Lord. I want His take on what must be done, not my own... and praying gets me in the frame of mind to hear Him, and gives me the power to obey... Ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit so you can pray in the spirit... To many times we can pray wrong, because we pray according to our flesh, and not the spirit... When Holy Spirit is guiding we can't pray wrong, and we will get what we pray when we pray in faith... so get started now...
My wife, Kathi's teaching on the personalities continues tonight, you will want to be there, 7:00pm. It is eye and heart opening stuff, and she shares it in funny ways... see you there.

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