Friday, August 24, 2007

Faith City outreach changes lives

I am blessed by the great work our outreach team is doing. Richard Blue has taken over 40 of our faith city folks and has lead them out to all kinds of ministry. I wanted to share what happens during the month with our Outreach team. Thanks team for making a difference in peoples lives with the gospel.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays — Ionia Michigan Reformatory Dorms
1st Sunday — Alterra 1 & 2 Assisted Living
2nd Sunday — The Pines on the Lake, Fenton
3rd Wednesday — Golden Oaks, Oakland County

Every Thursday — Genesee County Jail
1x/Week — Oakland County Jail
1x/Month —God’s House Ministry (Drug Rehab)
2nd Friday — Groveland Manor – Connect Group/every other week
Every Friday — Max Man 11-1pm
Every Sunday — Out to dinner with outreach team members

These teams reach into prisons, jails, and seniors homes reaching lives for Christ... so thank a outreach team member next time you see them in church... they are doing it right...

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  1. praise God for people who do jail ministry.

    i think being in jail can be one of the lowest points for a person. when i just had my recent experience behind bars, i never felt more free. realizing Christ as set me free took me to a deeper appreciation for where i'm at in life, no matter where that may be.

    thank you for being faithful to the call God has placed on your life.

    a former inmate...