Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help for Peru

One of the missions we support is in Lima, Peru, and headed up by Robert Barriger. He has built a church of over 10,000 in last 2o some years and is making a strong impact in the nation for the kingdom of God. With the recent earthquake, Robert and his church went to work helping the country get back on its feet. Here's some of the story from his own words...

Dear Friends, Day 5
I would first like to thank all of you who have sent donations towards the relief work. We have been astounded by what has come through to help the earthquake victims. It has been your giving that has allowed us to get some of the first relief teams on the ground.

Today we sent three teams out to the areas of Canete, Chincha, and Pisco. One team spent the majority of the day at the local coliseum in the city of Chincha distributing massive amounts of food that the government could not get to the people due to a lack of manpower.
In Canete and Pisco we focused on the distribution of food and supplies, as well as forming contacts with local pastors in the communities. Our goal is to help the church get back on its feet so they can be a center of hope for the victims in their communities.

We have posted videos on YouTube of some of the work that we have been doing in these areas. Please follow the links below:

YouTube - camino de vida- Peru-Terremoto-CaƱete

The report of what went out yesterday;

We sent a team of 30 people from our church to do the distribution in the cities below. They were also accompanied by Congressmen Belaunde.

The majority of the distribution items were donated by members of our church.

A team went to the town of Cerro Azul (Canete) to bring aid to over 400 fishermen and their families. The earthquake destroyed not only their homes, but also their boats. They say it will be about 30 days before they can get back on the water.
Other areas visited by: Vinia de los Milagros, El Progreso, los Liberes, received much supplies.
Also in the city of Santa Cruz de los Flores, we distributed much goods.

Apart from distributing these donations in these areas, we also donated food and goods to two local pastors (Calvary Chapel church, and a local baptist church)

God Bless, Robert and Karyn Barriger

As you can see, Robert and his team is making a difference, if you can help contact Camino de vida
Av. El Buen Retiro 100 Monterrico-Surco Lima Peru
and let them know. Thanks

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