Friday, August 31, 2007

Transformation is coming

I am finishing up my study for the new Series we are starting on Sunday Sept 2, and I am truly excited about the impact it will have on our lives. It will run for two weeks.
This is what I know, that God is in the business of transforming life from bad to good, from good to great. In this two week series we will motivate you to allow God's transforming power to bring you to your full potential. Week one; " Becoming Transformed ". Week two; " Helping to Transform Others". You won't want to miss these two live transforming weeks, and bring someone with you to share the process. Bringing people into the safe environment of a Sunday service is a great way to see them transformed into the wonderful person that God has created them to be... So love your friends and family by bring them to church this Sunday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reading improves your sex life.

I'm not sure if reading does that, but now that I have your attention, men especially, let me encourage you to read good books. Books will improve you in every area. A statement my wife and I have said for years is, " If you can read, you can reason, and if you can reason, you can rule." and isn't that what God wants us to do, have dominion? Here is a list of where reading can help improve life.
1) Read the Bible for spiritual growth, along with answers to every area of life.
2) Read books on marriage, it will spark the fire...
3) Read books on leadership, everyone of us need to be a great leader, whether we are leading a fortune 500 company or leading a little child, both are very important, especially to that little child.
4) Read books on self improvement, maybe its on weight control or exercise.
5) Read books that have to do with your line of work, your occupation. Getting better at what you do, gets you in line for promotion and favour.
6) Read books on history, find great leaders and glean the characteristics that made them famous.
7) Read books to your children if you have them, or grandchildren... they will get a vision that reading is cool and carry it on.
8) Read books on your hobbies, have fun reading...

I believe in reading... I usually have three to seven books I'm reading to keep my mind in the game and focused... You really can't go wrong reading... It will stoke a fire of vision, passion, creativity, and take you on a journey that will stay with you for life... SO, READ, just make sure it's the good stuff... Finally I guess if you read reputable books on enjoying yourself in your marriage, reading could improve your sex

Monday, August 27, 2007

Transformers- For Real

Wow, I am excited about next two Sundays when we will be sharing about the real life transformers. God has done a work in us when we come to Christ... We are transformed from the inside out... We are more than forgiven, we are changed... and now all things are possible to those who believe. This series will be worth getting people out... invite friends, family, work mates, and even your enemies, just kidding, I bet you don't have any... But we should start inviting them now, don't wait... the things we hear in this series has the potential to change,uh, transform our lives, oh yeah... Don't forget my wife, Kathi, will be completing her monthly teaching on the personalities this Wednesday night at 7;00, you don't want to miss this...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Risking it all

That's what I talked about today in service, was risking it all and when to do it. There were several commitments to trust God, to tell others about what God has done in our lives, and to use our God given gifts and talents to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was awesome. New families coming every week, which is good... Some of our regular members and families are still out traveling and vacations, but should get back to our growth mode after Labor Day... Anyway we just completed our 4 week series on "The Games of Life". You can subscribe to our free podcast and listen to the series along with others that we have up by going to, and clicking on podcast button. It will take you through drill... One of faith city's associate pastors, Chris Blue, has started a blog. Check it out at,

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tornado in Fenton

Last night more than one tornado hit our town of Fenton. The downtown area is out of power, much damage. Everyone of church family we talk to are fine. Houses not touched, only power out. Praise God, no one was killed. Please pray for those affected. If you know someone living in Fenton area give them a call, see if you can help. Update later.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Faith City outreach changes lives

I am blessed by the great work our outreach team is doing. Richard Blue has taken over 40 of our faith city folks and has lead them out to all kinds of ministry. I wanted to share what happens during the month with our Outreach team. Thanks team for making a difference in peoples lives with the gospel.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays — Ionia Michigan Reformatory Dorms
1st Sunday — Alterra 1 & 2 Assisted Living
2nd Sunday — The Pines on the Lake, Fenton
3rd Wednesday — Golden Oaks, Oakland County

Every Thursday — Genesee County Jail
1x/Week — Oakland County Jail
1x/Month —God’s House Ministry (Drug Rehab)
2nd Friday — Groveland Manor – Connect Group/every other week
Every Friday — Max Man 11-1pm
Every Sunday — Out to dinner with outreach team members

These teams reach into prisons, jails, and seniors homes reaching lives for Christ... so thank a outreach team member next time you see them in church... they are doing it right...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help for Peru

One of the missions we support is in Lima, Peru, and headed up by Robert Barriger. He has built a church of over 10,000 in last 2o some years and is making a strong impact in the nation for the kingdom of God. With the recent earthquake, Robert and his church went to work helping the country get back on its feet. Here's some of the story from his own words...

Dear Friends, Day 5
I would first like to thank all of you who have sent donations towards the relief work. We have been astounded by what has come through to help the earthquake victims. It has been your giving that has allowed us to get some of the first relief teams on the ground.

Today we sent three teams out to the areas of Canete, Chincha, and Pisco. One team spent the majority of the day at the local coliseum in the city of Chincha distributing massive amounts of food that the government could not get to the people due to a lack of manpower.
In Canete and Pisco we focused on the distribution of food and supplies, as well as forming contacts with local pastors in the communities. Our goal is to help the church get back on its feet so they can be a center of hope for the victims in their communities.

We have posted videos on YouTube of some of the work that we have been doing in these areas. Please follow the links below:

YouTube - camino de vida- Peru-Terremoto-CaƱete

The report of what went out yesterday;

We sent a team of 30 people from our church to do the distribution in the cities below. They were also accompanied by Congressmen Belaunde.

The majority of the distribution items were donated by members of our church.

A team went to the town of Cerro Azul (Canete) to bring aid to over 400 fishermen and their families. The earthquake destroyed not only their homes, but also their boats. They say it will be about 30 days before they can get back on the water.
Other areas visited by: Vinia de los Milagros, El Progreso, los Liberes, received much supplies.
Also in the city of Santa Cruz de los Flores, we distributed much goods.

Apart from distributing these donations in these areas, we also donated food and goods to two local pastors (Calvary Chapel church, and a local baptist church)

God Bless, Robert and Karyn Barriger

As you can see, Robert and his team is making a difference, if you can help contact Camino de vida
Av. El Buen Retiro 100 Monterrico-Surco Lima Peru
and let them know. Thanks

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Play Monopoly Gods way

My friend Tim Redmond will be at Faith City this Sunday sharing in our "Games of Life" series. Two times both 10 am and 5pm he will be sharing... Tim has a grasp on wealth and finances Gods way. The info is geared to bring every person, no matter where you are financially to a new level... To get a taste of what Tim does check out his website at This will be a breakthrough day for many, don't miss this Sunday, Aug.19th,2007.

Keep plugging in to God

You can not plug into God to much... this is what I have found over 30 years of following Christ... I know that praying makes a mega difference in a persons life. I believe pray more= less stress; and pray less= more stress. I always start my day praying in the spirit, so that my day is ordered of the Lord. I want His take on what must be done, not my own... and praying gets me in the frame of mind to hear Him, and gives me the power to obey... Ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit so you can pray in the spirit... To many times we can pray wrong, because we pray according to our flesh, and not the spirit... When Holy Spirit is guiding we can't pray wrong, and we will get what we pray when we pray in faith... so get started now...
My wife, Kathi's teaching on the personalities continues tonight, you will want to be there, 7:00pm. It is eye and heart opening stuff, and she shares it in funny ways... see you there.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Steamboat Springs is a town

I have been in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this week and it was a blast. Meet with Pastor Jim Scalise, along with Jerry Cox, a pastor from Jackson MI and John Gwatney, a pastor from Iuka, Ms. We were there to help Jim with starting a gospel work there. Jim has moved to Steamboat from Houston three years ago and God has been doing supernatural things with and through Jim to get prepared for this new work. We toured the property that was given Jim for a ministry facility, had prayer meetings, and even had some time for golf. The balls fly father in the Colorado altitude than in Michigan, which was cool... Steamboat is a beautiful place, mountains surrounding the community in the valley. A skiing resort community. Please pray for Jim and the work God has given him to do there. Met some wonderful brothers there, like Ron and his son, Shad... Love you guys... keep it real... Thanks for your generous hospitality.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is Big

Wow, We are starting our Games of Life series this morning and I am excited about getting started. The true about forgiveness will be exposed today. I am believing that many people will find healing and help from God this morning. Invite somebody, better yet, go pick them up, promise food after. Just get there. See you in an hour or so.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Don't miss Kathi Lee

Tonite, Wednesday at 7:00pm Kathi will be starting her teaching on the personalities. It will definitely be brain opening. Kathi has taught in this area for years and she will help us understand each others so we can get along, but even more how to work and live together in harmony. It will also be inspiring to hear how the different personalities can really frustrate us when we don't understand them. So check it out tonite, see you there.