Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You caught me in my office

I have actually been in my office this week... It seems like I have been gone a lot, but maybe just seems like it... did I just say that?... anyway... I have been having a blast working on the "Real Secret" series... and my wrist band that we handed out two Sundays ago has been on the same wrist for... exactly one week so far... praise god... 7 days of keeping my confession right, my words right, my attitude right... I think this is a great way to really zero in on the importance of our words... what we say... Because words are a creative force according to the Bible. In Gen. ch. 1, we are told that God created what He wanted by speaking words... He saw what He wanted in his heart, and then said what He saw... and it was... and then God said, "Let us make man in our image..." so He made us to operate just like Him... To see what you want in your heart.. and say what you see... of course all in line with the scriptures. What a responsibility God has given His man... to help create our future by what we say... by the way we have ordered more wrist bands for the 21 day challenge... Pick yours up before or after services... or call us at Faith City... 810-750-2200 and we will send you one for free... Also to stay up to date I recommend you subscribe to our free podcast... just go to Faithcityusa.com and click on podcast, you will sign up easily and free of charge... Talk more later...

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  1. Congrats on wearing your RED band on the same wrist for over a week. That is AWESOME! I am proud of you!