Sunday, July 8, 2007

Woke up Sunday morning in strange bed.

Now before you freak out, Let me say Kathi and I are in California at our time share for the week... I woke up forgeting where i was... and then I realized... cool we are going to take a week to chill... so... my first thought is... well first TWO thoughts are, one, where is coffee pot... lets get the Starbucks brewing and two, I wonder how service at Faith City is going this morning... I'm sure it went great... Andrew, one of our pastors on staff is sharing this morning, and he always hits a home run... Andy is totally committed to the vision of helping people and it comes through his preaching... more later on that. So I'm sitting on my bed working on my blog and Kathi is sitting here also on our sons laptop working on her stuff... well... shes not sitting on the laptop, shes sitting on the bed working on the laptop, but you knew that... so... a great start on vacation... by the way we are about 5 blocks from DisneyLand... The home of the billionare Rat called Mickey... awsome... later.

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  1. Hey Dad, Hope you guys are having a great time. We miss/love you and Mom very much.
    Andy, Kristen and Kids