Monday, July 30, 2007

One of my heros, Jonathon

Here's a couple pics of me and my grandson, Jonathon when I picked him up yesterday afternoon. I wanted him to drive us to a movie and hang out together. He just got his driving permit, so of course he drove... and he is a very good driver... I was impressed... I only freaked out 16 times screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs... not really, just joking... it was all good. Before we encouraged Bruce Willis to die hard, we stopped and got something to eat... I was blown away by the level of understanding my 15 year old grandson exhibited... We talked about relationships with other young people, family values, and sports... This guy is real... Turning out great... I am so proud of my grandson. We are believing he starts first string for football this season... He's also a backup drummer at our church Faith city. Keep it up, Jonathon, love you, man.

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  1. It's all because of your faithfulness to be a man of integrity, sow seeds and lead by example. You've been doing that in our lives for 15yrs. You and Mom are dynamic leaders, parents and grandparents. Thank You.