Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big fish, Big ocean, Big God

Well Kathi and I are in California for our vacation... and we went to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach on Sunday. I would like to say I caught this little baby, but I saw it at a resturant on the pier and got a picture with it... Someone did all the work... I think Newport is a little more dirty than Huntington Beach, its amazing the difference...

Anyway, heres a pic of Kathi and I on the pier, just loving the sun, surf, and each other... We are really getting refreshed... On Monday we took in the Kenneth Copeland Believers Conference which is just 5 blocks from where we are staying in Anaheim, it was faith building... then on Tuesday we went to the garment district in downtown L.A., which was a trip in sooo.. many ways... Here's where you get a great deal on everything... and then finished up the day at Santa Monica which was really cool... The Promenade was totally cool... lots of stuff to see and of course buy...


  1. Vacation looks great on you! We miss you. Be refreshed and enjoy.
    Lots O Love,

  2. I love this photo of the two of you. Looks like you both are refreshed.... I love to see marriages like yours. They are one in a million! Thanks for being such an AWESOME example of how marriages should be.