Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bianca's openhouse

I'm studying this morning for Sundays service... excited about the Real Secret series... seems to be going full blast... more later on that. This afternoon is our granddaughters open house for high school graduating. We are so proud of her. Bianca is well grounded in her life and faith... she is working in a daycare now with plans for college to do something in medical field... Kathi and I have watched this girl grow over the years and can say that she is a dynamic, beautiful, fun, spirit filled young lady, who really will make a difference with her life for good... she already is... be blessed Bianca, grandpa and Nana love you...


  1. We are proud of you too Bianca! What an honor to have two AWESOME parents and two AWESOME grandparents in your life.

    John,Kellie and the Poehner Clan