Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mission to First Nation

Our evangelism pastor Richard Blue, his wife Edith, and two other men from Faith city Jim and Dave, along with about 8 others left this morning for Canada to minister among the Ojibwa Indians... This is a yearly trip and the team has always had great success in ministering the love of God and preaching the gospel. We are excited to hear the good reports they will come back with next week. Please agree with me for divine favor, protection, and blessing over our team.
By the way, Pastor Blue leads a team of over 40 believers from Faith City church every month and some areas weekly, such as 4 different nursing homes, 2 state prisons, 3 county jails, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ... We even have a weekly Men's program started with 20 men in a local county jail, using Ed Cole's "Maximized Manhood" curriculum... Dave Cody, one of our outreach leaders is heading that up... I want to say thank you to all our outreach team, your over the top, making a big difference in peoples lives...Your a big part of making the vision happen here at Faith City... Thanks again.

Monday, July 30, 2007

One of my heros, Jonathon

Here's a couple pics of me and my grandson, Jonathon when I picked him up yesterday afternoon. I wanted him to drive us to a movie and hang out together. He just got his driving permit, so of course he drove... and he is a very good driver... I was impressed... I only freaked out 16 times screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs... not really, just joking... it was all good. Before we encouraged Bruce Willis to die hard, we stopped and got something to eat... I was blown away by the level of understanding my 15 year old grandson exhibited... We talked about relationships with other young people, family values, and sports... This guy is real... Turning out great... I am so proud of my grandson. We are believing he starts first string for football this season... He's also a backup drummer at our church Faith city. Keep it up, Jonathon, love you, man.

Sunday's Rock

I am always so amazed at God's grace over our services at Faith City. I know other churches can say the same thing, but wow, it is just so awesome when God shows up and touches lives through the Word of God and through praise... Again Sunday I sensed God really challenging hearts to follow Him with our words, our actions, and our obedience... and again record attendance... We are confessing over our church, "No summer slump, but a summer jump"... it's working... I'm really enjoying pastoring. Of course there are challenges, but seeing God's promises working in so many families and individuals at Faith City is so rewarding... and doing life with my wife is just so great in itself... Kathi encourages my to keep growing, developing, and reaching for new heights... thanks babe... Like all pastors wives she helps me debrief after each service concerning my message... she inspires me to be a great communicator, which is one of my goals, to inspire people to grow up and go up into God's will for their life, to find the exciting satisfying God life that is available for everyone on this planet...
I must also say to all the members and attenders at Faith City, you are the best, you go with the flow of God and your leadership... Your reaching out to people, inviting to church, being loving to others... your doing the Jesus style and it's making a difference at Faith City... Thank you church family... Kathi and I are honored to serve Christ together with you to make a difference in our world...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bianca's openhouse

I'm studying this morning for Sundays service... excited about the Real Secret series... seems to be going full blast... more later on that. This afternoon is our granddaughters open house for high school graduating. We are so proud of her. Bianca is well grounded in her life and faith... she is working in a daycare now with plans for college to do something in medical field... Kathi and I have watched this girl grow over the years and can say that she is a dynamic, beautiful, fun, spirit filled young lady, who really will make a difference with her life for good... she already is... be blessed Bianca, grandpa and Nana love you...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No more unbelief

I am sharing tonite at Faith City about the two kinds if unbelief the Bible refers to, and how to get it out of your life. No of us can go forward in the things of God if we give in to unbelief... so come out tonite at 7:00 pm for our service. It lasts about an hour, and there are classes for your children as well. Our services are very casual, so no dress up necessary, come as you are... You can even get a Starbucks coffee, and drink it during service... it's OK... For more info on our church go to Faithcityusa.com for your answers... See you tonite...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You caught me in my office

I have actually been in my office this week... It seems like I have been gone a lot, but maybe just seems like it... did I just say that?... anyway... I have been having a blast working on the "Real Secret" series... and my wrist band that we handed out two Sundays ago has been on the same wrist for... exactly one week so far... praise god... 7 days of keeping my confession right, my words right, my attitude right... I think this is a great way to really zero in on the importance of our words... what we say... Because words are a creative force according to the Bible. In Gen. ch. 1, we are told that God created what He wanted by speaking words... He saw what He wanted in his heart, and then said what He saw... and it was... and then God said, "Let us make man in our image..." so He made us to operate just like Him... To see what you want in your heart.. and say what you see... of course all in line with the scriptures. What a responsibility God has given His man... to help create our future by what we say... by the way we have ordered more wrist bands for the 21 day challenge... Pick yours up before or after services... or call us at Faith City... 810-750-2200 and we will send you one for free... Also to stay up to date I recommend you subscribe to our free podcast... just go to Faithcityusa.com and click on podcast, you will sign up easily and free of charge... Talk more later...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

We shared the Real Secret.

Wow, Sunday service was a total blast... the music was worshipful... and it seemed that the talk on the Real Secret came across... many told me it helped... During the service we handed out wrist bands to everyone and asked that we wear them for 21 days on one wrist without talking negative, whining, complaining, or saying wrong words... and if we do say any of those things we must change the band to the other wrist and start over on the 21 days... 21 days can make a habit so we thought if we wore these bands it would make a influence on speaking right words, words of faith and power... which will make a difference in our life... anyway... everybody seemed stoked up for the "21 day challenge"... cool huh! We will continue for next two Sundays on the Real Secret, so come out and get in on it... We will still be handing out the wristbands too... By the way, they are a cool red color and have The Real Secret embossed on them so it can be a way cool witnessing tool... If you want to get one to wear for the 21 day challenge, you can call the office (810-750-2200) and request one... we can send it to you free... By the way do you know what is "the Real Secret"?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Sunday, find the " Real Secret"

We have put together a three week series starting this Sunday... We will show what the real secret to life, and abundant life really is... It has been available since the foundations of the world... And you can operate in great power... yes you can have good changes in your life... health, prosperity, blessing, good family life, reach goals... these things are not impossible... But don't be decieved... it is more than new age tricks... It is committing to the God of the Universe.. and His will for your life... He has good plans for us and when we find them... we will prosper and find the good life... Come out and see how it all works... Starting this Sunday, July 15th at 10am.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big fish, Big ocean, Big God

Well Kathi and I are in California for our vacation... and we went to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach on Sunday. I would like to say I caught this little baby, but I saw it at a resturant on the pier and got a picture with it... Someone did all the work... I think Newport is a little more dirty than Huntington Beach, its amazing the difference...

Anyway, heres a pic of Kathi and I on the pier, just loving the sun, surf, and each other... We are really getting refreshed... On Monday we took in the Kenneth Copeland Believers Conference which is just 5 blocks from where we are staying in Anaheim, it was faith building... then on Tuesday we went to the garment district in downtown L.A., which was a trip in sooo.. many ways... Here's where you get a great deal on everything... and then finished up the day at Santa Monica which was really cool... The Promenade was totally cool... lots of stuff to see and of course buy...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Woke up Sunday morning in strange bed.

Now before you freak out, Let me say Kathi and I are in California at our time share for the week... I woke up forgeting where i was... and then I realized... cool we are going to take a week to chill... so... my first thought is... well first TWO thoughts are, one, where is coffee pot... lets get the Starbucks brewing and two, I wonder how service at Faith City is going this morning... I'm sure it went great... Andrew, one of our pastors on staff is sharing this morning, and he always hits a home run... Andy is totally committed to the vision of helping people and it comes through his preaching... more later on that. So I'm sitting on my bed working on my blog and Kathi is sitting here also on our sons laptop working on her stuff... well... shes not sitting on the laptop, shes sitting on the bed working on the laptop, but you knew that... so... a great start on vacation... by the way we are about 5 blocks from DisneyLand... The home of the billionare Rat called Mickey... awsome... later.