Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We took home brownies…

On our continuing series “TV” my oldest son Andrew and his wife Kristen talked on Blended Families and their impact. They showed that God can help us no matter how we end up as a family. I was impressed to learn that Jesus belonged to a blended family, with a stepfather Joseph. Also every Christian was grafted into the body of Christ… meaning we are all part of a blended family. It got me to thinking about our local church family, Faith City… We are composed of Christ followers from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures… It is amazing to see people love, live, and work together no matter the color of skin, the amount of education, or size of bank account. Why? I believe it is because God is blending a family together.
We are learning to trust God together and trust the God in each other. Do we have issues? Does any family? Of course, but, we are looking for the higher good, which is to let our church family reflect God in our world. That is God’s reason for family anyway, no matter how it’s blended… You can hear the message online by going to
Side thought - Andrew always told me growing up, “ I’m not going to be in the ministry, like you Dad, never, so don’t even think about it”… Ha ha he preached so good Sunday… Proud of you son… ALSO… we took home brownies because all during the teaching Kristen was blending up a brownie mix, proving that things blended can end up very cool…ummm.

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