Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We had Sex in Church!

Wow, Chris and Tabitha Blue gave a great talk on God's healthy view of sexual purity. It was cool seeing them put it all together on a Sunday morning at church. It wasn't condemning, no it was refreshing to see that God invented the sexual act and made it good, in the context of marriage. When we can value our self then we can wait till our marriage covenant is established with one person. I am proud of Tabby, my daughter, and Chris, my son-in love...they are growing in the ministry, and are helping make an impact at Faith City...One important thing they said was; when they were dating they agreed to a line they would not cross over that was so strong that they did not give themselves the option to be tempted. Now as married they have no regrets... To hear their talk go to faithcityusa.com and listen for free. Be blessed...

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  1. Hey dad, thanks! We really had fun talking about sex in church. Chris and I enjoy being a part of Faith City and the ministry and enjoyed our time sharing. Love ya!