Thursday, June 7, 2007

Team Building is a must

Our staff and dept. leaders met for one of our meetings this morning. It was all about team building. It was awesome, you could feel the group coming together as we discussed the importance of really becoming a team, not just calling ourselves one. We handed out a book to read and come back to discuss and implement. It's a book by Patrick Lencioni called, " Silos, Politics and Turf wars." It's a compelling book dedicated to destroying the barriers that turn colleagues into competitors. We all got excited about the potential it holds for our leadership team, and caused open dialogue today that everyone could sense was a great beginning to becoming a real team. Like every team whether business or church, we can have a tendency to build our own areas and not see the big picture of the whole church, even creating divisions and becoming competitive, whether purposefully or not. That's what Patrick calls Silos, the barriers that can exist between departments, that cause people that are supposed to be on the same team to work against one another. I believe this will take our leadership team and ultimately our whole congregation to a whole new level, I am pumped...By the way I heard of this book at the Fizz conference last month at Daybreak Church in Grand Rapids, MI area...

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