Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Single Parents Rock

Sunday we shared about the wonderful life of single parenting. God took us on a journey during the service. Lives were touched by God's Mercy and Grace. We revealed what I think is a single parents biggest test, and that is dealing with Guilt. At the end of the talk, almost all prayed to give God the Guilt and walk free from the past... Then a special prayer for our single parents brought us all closer to the Lord of our destiny... Kathi, my wife and Vickie Duff ( see pic) put together some special gift bags for our single moms, wow they were filled $100 worth of cool stuff including gas card, movie card, and Applebees card...
It was a total win for the kingdom... By the way attendance was one of the biggest... praise God... He gets all the glory... This coming Sunday we will be addressing fathers... It's fathers day too... how appropriate... Come and check it out and bring your Dad...

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  1. Indeed there are "single-parents" in the world today; whether or not they be saved or unsaved. However, there are peps in Gods House who are just single/seperated/divorced. Such peps need to be addressed as well. For the divorced they might be hurting. For those who are single they often feel left out of the crowd.
    Perhpas having a topic for simply being sngle could be addressed.

    Your bro in the faith.
    PS... Keep up with your golf game! Maybe someday you will beat someone in your Tuesday group.haha