Friday, May 4, 2007

Freak of the week

Here it is, what many have been waiting for. Just who is the Freak of the Week? It's Tod and Shawn Woodall. These two have been with Faith City around a year, and have come on strong. Tod leads our usher team, and Shawn manages our Cityscapes Cafe serving a mean latte and Starbucks coffee. Both of them are super committed to help others engage the church vision right along side them. Our vision is to Reach up; Reach out; and Reach in, and both Tod and Shawn are great examples of seeing it and carrying it out in all they do. Kudos to you two, thanks for helping make it happen at Faith City as part of the leadership team. Whether you two always see it or not, please know that many are inspired to follow, through your examples of love and service.

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