Monday, May 28, 2007

Where's Karl?

I have been away from blog for a little bit, but I will be back at it tomorrow. Just a quick Happy Memorial Day. At our church service yesterday we showed a short video and honored our servicemen and women, by having them stand. I was getting ready to pray and the place was overwhelmed with applause for our service people. I mean it was dramatic, just spontaneous and unashamed. It was very cool... anyway... thank you to those who have fought for our freedom, both those who have survived and those who gave life defending our freedoms... Thank you... I will tell you later how Chris and Tabitha Blue did with their talk on Sex and the City...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Old school TV

This Sunday starts our new series called TV. This first week we talk about having and keeping the right kind of friends. If you remember the old Friends series, 6 young adults were there for each other. They might of disagreed on things from time to time, but when needed they were there to encourage each other, and go through whatever one of them faced, together. Now, that's a friend. God has made us to experience great friendships, but the first step is show yourself to be friendly. If you and I can learn how to be a friend, we will attract friends. AND if we learn how to be a great friend, we will attract great friends. Come out this Sunday and bring your... Friends... we start at 10 am...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Got Wet

What I mean is that, God showed up in overflow fashion for the Larry Huggins meetings this last week. Larry taught us about the Holy Spirit and how to flow with Him. It was super dynamic. I was able to just set back and be reminded how much God wants to work through us, and that we can trust to hear His voice and obey. Spirit of God refreshing touched me every night of the conference. Every night finished with over half the congregation at the altar seeking God. It was incredible. I know that Bro Larry will be at Pastor Stonerocks church this coming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night. His church is called Victory Christian Church in Goodrich, MI. I will try to be at some of the meetings...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A God Touch

Tonite and both Thursday and Friday nite we will be hosting special meetings with Larry Huggins. We call the meetings "Outpour" because we believe God will do just that. We are expecting a outpouring of healing, joy, spirit, miracles, and words of encouragement that will change our lives in good ways... meetings start at 7:00pm and there will be childcare every night... Don't miss what God wants to do in you thru these encounters with His Presence... See you tonite...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Still Amazing

I am always amazed by how God's presence shows up in our weekend services, week after week... Thank you God for your grace and goodness... This last Sunday was no exception... The worship was kickin it old school... we were worshiping in spirit and truth... God's presence came in and we were different by the touch... We shared about the importance of serving with our special gifts that God has graced each individual believer with...1 Peter 4:10 tells us to employ the special gift that was given us in service to other believers... Think about it... Everyone of us in the body of Christ are special because God made us unique,with unique gifts... We can't try to be someone or something else... no, be you, your the original of you...I also thank God for the faithfulness of the many volunteers that continually make it happen every service... thank you for sharing your hearts, your hands, and your excellence of spirit with the rest of us... thank you Faith City volunteers...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Are you this excited about your church?

Come on somebody, show your true colors. Can you say your as excited as this wildcat here? Then let us know why. What is God doing in you, to you, or through you here at Faith City? Give me a shout. Lets brag on God and His goodness. We are seeing new families come out every weekend. People are joining the church every month. Best of all people are becoming followers of Jesus Christ on a weekly basis. These are things to write home to mom about. Start by writing us. What is God doing in you?

I have the next Freak of the Week ready to go, but I'm waiting for a picture I emailed from my cellphone. Where are those pics, floating through some cosmic vacuum of intergalactic protoplasm? Whoa!

Freak of the week

Here it is, what many have been waiting for. Just who is the Freak of the Week? It's Tod and Shawn Woodall. These two have been with Faith City around a year, and have come on strong. Tod leads our usher team, and Shawn manages our Cityscapes Cafe serving a mean latte and Starbucks coffee. Both of them are super committed to help others engage the church vision right along side them. Our vision is to Reach up; Reach out; and Reach in, and both Tod and Shawn are great examples of seeing it and carrying it out in all they do. Kudos to you two, thanks for helping make it happen at Faith City as part of the leadership team. Whether you two always see it or not, please know that many are inspired to follow, through your examples of love and service.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday Vision night

Tonight we will share some thoughts about our vision at Faith City. To Reach up;to God in worship with our life. Reach out; to those who don't know Him yet. Reach in; serving with our gifts to make a difference in our local expression. The way we grow personally is by making commitments to understand and implement this vision in our life. When we can understand the vision we can help others find it too. So come tonite or check out teaching on our podcast on Friday. If you really want to make an impact with your life, if you want your life to count, if you want to make a difference with your life, you've must be visionary, and be totally committed to a few things that can get you there, rather than half committed to a lot of things that will divide you. So... see you tonite...