Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Goodby Carol

Tuesday we said goodbye to Carol Baker, as she was received by Jesus into heaven. She was one faithful sister at Faith City. Everyone that knew her loved her, she was warming, interested, and merciful. Did I mention faithful. So... her going home service was yesterday and the believers showed up and amened both myself and Pastor Richard Blue our outreach pastor. Carol was fighting cancer, and now the fight is over. I believe that, God didn't take her, but He did receive her into eternity with Him. How are you set for eternity? Is Jesus Lord? Are you just playing with your life or have you given Jesus the Lordship over it? Don't leave home without it; Salvation that is.
Don't forget to show up this Sunday for Easter service. Come early if you want a seat, it will be packed. We are starting our iLife series it will prove there is a purpose for your life. Invite, invite, and invite some more. Peoples lives depend on you to get them there, so Jesus can fix them.

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