Saturday, April 14, 2007

Family Rocks

Kathi and I are watching Ethan our grandson yesterday and today, and it is a blast. He's the little guy in front of picture. I had a picture of Ethan and our dog Razor looking our a window together, but I can't seem to get it downloaded unto my blog. It's a PC, go figure. Anyway, we were in the toy store last night looking for just one thing to buy. Well Ethan was distracted by some weird toys I for sure was not going to get,( did I mention he is 3) so I said "Ethan look at these helicopters over here", and he said; " Oh, yeah,... Hold On", as he was walking away. Hold on, what do you mean Hold on. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the millions of distractions, I mean toys. Kind of like us with God; He says look at this or come here and we say; "yeah...Hold on..." What has you distracted so that it's hard to respond when God wants your attention. Anyway we did get the helicopter and Ethan and I am lovin it. It's the rescue helicopter ,sounds and lights and a cable that goes down to save Lego people that get stranded in the sea of carpet in the family room. I think the helicopter stays at Grandpa's house when Ethan goes home. Cool, Nana and I can play with it... Did I mention it has lights and sounds with it...

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