Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big Mo hits Sunday

Whoa, This last Sundays service was over the top... The people came expecting God to show up, and he never disappoints... The songs were full of energy, the talk was about finding your purpose through Belonging... Think about it; The Bible tells us that we are fitted together, we are held together by what everyone contributes, we are being built together, and we are joined together... Sounds like God wants us to experience life together... When we become followers of Jesus we are not our own anymore...He wants us connected... When a person really connects with a church family they find real fulfillment... I am geek ed because it's happening at Faith city... Anyway, I'm praying for those who haven't found their connection yet, maybe because of past offences, or not seeing the importance, or just being to busy... God has a specific place of belonging for all of us... don't miss yours...Later...

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