Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aliyah Back from New York

My granddaughter Aliyah took her mom and dad to New York for 10 days. Boy that's a long time in baby days, because they change so fast. She has now mastered the art of crawling. She is like her mother (my girl Tabitha) wonderful, lovely, and smart. She too comes from great mom, Kathi Lee. Whoa...I am Blessed.

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  1. Daddy!! Great pic!! What a great looking couple of people, lol. 10 days really is a long time to be gone and we had a great time, but we are all glad to be back. Of course, I missed you already! (lol, wink.) To all reading this, it's an inside joke... so that's why it doesn't make sense. Anyway, love you and mom, you truly are great parents and great grandparents. Aliyah loves seeing you guys so much, so we're glad to be home so she can play with grandpa. Well, needless to say, cool pic! Love ya!!