Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday was over the top!

I am still reeling from the awesome Sunday service we experienced. The music was supreme, thanks Chris and Gerald and music team...The message we spoke seemed to come across to peoples hearts... We had our biggest attendance of the year, except for Easter service... and then we had our latest membership lunch after the service... joined 10 new members, 4 of them became first time followers of Christ... praise God... Also we added 4 new ushers, thanks Todd, our head usher... You can feel the excitement and momentum growing.. it is a very cool thing to watch people sync up together to do God's purpose in a local church... So many great testimonies we are hearing about how people are finding out about Faith City... More about that coming... also the "Freak of the Week" will be announced shortly... Stay tuned...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Time is running...

This week has gone so fast... Wait a minute, not any faster than any other week, but it just seems like it... The Bible talks about the importance of our time... Eph 5:16; "Make the most of your time, because the days will try to take advantage of you. So don't be foolish, but understanding of the will of God"... You can't save it, you must use it wisely or lose it... I suspect that most people waste it, through doing things that have no eternal purpose, no real importance in making a difference with their life... How many people spend their whole life wasted, never mentoring another, never spending quality time with family or friends... never letting God use their talents or abilities for the Kingdom... Just wasting precious moments that could make a difference... Don't let another minute go by wasted... Use it to love somebody, help somebody, listen to somebody, heal somebody... Use it to hear God, help your mate, understand your children, heal a relationship, pray a prayer, read a book, study the Bible, Grow your life... Don't LOSE time, USE time and make the difference in your world...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't die full, go empty

Jeremy sent me my start video we used last Sunday. So here it is. Hope it makes sense. My title means we all have lessons learned, story's untold. Don't go without passing on what you know and what you have learned. Make sure everything you've got in you is passed on to the next generation. Just a thot...

Big Mo hits Sunday

Whoa, This last Sundays service was over the top... The people came expecting God to show up, and he never disappoints... The songs were full of energy, the talk was about finding your purpose through Belonging... Think about it; The Bible tells us that we are fitted together, we are held together by what everyone contributes, we are being built together, and we are joined together... Sounds like God wants us to experience life together... When we become followers of Jesus we are not our own anymore...He wants us connected... When a person really connects with a church family they find real fulfillment... I am geek ed because it's happening at Faith city... Anyway, I'm praying for those who haven't found their connection yet, maybe because of past offences, or not seeing the importance, or just being to busy... God has a specific place of belonging for all of us... don't miss yours...Later...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

iBelong Sunday will Rock you

I am finishing up my thoughts for tomorrows talk on iLife, which will be about God's heart for us to belong. He has a special place for all of us to fit in, and when we find that place it brings fulfillment to our life. God not only calls us to believe, but also to belong. We are His spiritual family and that makes us a part of each other. I become a Believer by committing my life to Christ, and I become a Belonger by committing myself to other Christians. None of us are an island.

Invite someone or better yet bring someone with you tomorrow. It will prove to be the best 75 minutes of your weekend...See you there :-)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Holy Spirit Touch

If you were at Faith City last Wednesday night you know what I'm talking about when I say God breathed on the service with His healing power. There were obvious changes in peoples lives. During our song time, we sensed that God wanted to speak personally to us so as people gathered around the stage, and were prayed for, God broke through in so many ways. I believe that people experienced healing in bodies, in emotions, in relationships, and every area that was given over in trust to God. It was an awesome and holy work of God. Truly God is good in every way, praise Him somebody...Yeah.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freak of the Week, it's Good!

Kudos to Jeremy Barancik our video production director. He is amazing, gets us up and running every week with his team. From creating sermon videos to slide shows or presentation stuff,even podcast and computer stuff, Jeremy is the man. That's why he is Faith City's Freak of the Week. He will go the extra miles to get the job done, just don't ask him to use P.C. computers, Jeremy's a Mac man. Ask him why, he'll tell you, "They work..." Anyway, Thanks make

By the way, Freak of the Week is our way of recognizing a great job, or special effort as part of the team at Faith City... it's a good award...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Golfing is Worship

When you do what you do to bring pleasure to God, that's worship. Well today Chuck Siglow(on left)Myself, and Billy Joe Brown(on right) hit the links to worship God. That's my story and I believe it. Anyway, it was great and the friendship with Chuck and Billy is refreshing. Both men are faithful members at Faith City Church, and are always encouraging people both in the church and out. Chuck and his wife Becky serve as our Children's pastors. They run a great team and are one of the reasons people come back to church once they have visited, the dynamic children's stuff. Billy and his wife Lina are also go getter's at church. They are so.. encouraging to everyone they meet. Billy is always hitting his ball farther then Chuck and me, so today we conspired to give Billy his new golf handicap, like running over his leg with a golf cart, but we decided to worship instead, just kidding, Billy's a great golfer and friend.

Aliyah Back from New York

My granddaughter Aliyah took her mom and dad to New York for 10 days. Boy that's a long time in baby days, because they change so fast. She has now mastered the art of crawling. She is like her mother (my girl Tabitha) wonderful, lovely, and smart. She too comes from great mom, Kathi Lee. Whoa...I am Blessed.

Tragedy Strikes

Many feel numb after student kills 32 and himself at Virginia Tech. A nation mourns, a President reaches out, families try to make sense of senseless actions, and we can pray. Those investigating described Cho Seung-Hui as "emotionally troubled, a loner, who seemed not to have had many friends". Even more reason for us to reach out to those around us, for only God can change a heart, but He works through His people. Please pray for victims families and all affected.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I was able to find and download the pic of Ethan my grandson and Razor my dog. We were looking out into back yard with our binoculars, Ethan calls them b-nockers...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our service was tremendous this morning. God was doing some cool things.From the first song to the last prayer, God was definitely speaking to us. I felt people could really connect to the message "iWorship" where we talked about real worship is bring pleasure to God in everything we do. C.S.Lewis said," In commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting us to enjoy Him." Wow, can you grip that... i believe that Worship is a lifestyle of enjoying God and loving Him with all you've got. I finished with the verse in Romans 12:1 from the Message bible.." So here's what I want you to do, God helping you; Take your everyday, ordinary life- your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life- and place it before God as a offering. Worship Him." That nails it for me, how about you?
Again this week people made decisions to follow Christ, which is what it's all about.
Met many new faces.A real nice young couple from Flint. Also DeeDee who Kathi and I met before when she worked at Hill Street Grill. Oh...also Bob and his wife Elaine who came because they received an invite card in the mail. We send out cards every month to every new family that moves into our community. Sort of like Welcome wagon. Well Bob is 89 years old and his beautiful bride is 83. They loved the service, even though the music was louder than they were used to at the Church in Gladwin they used to attend. By the way they said, they think they found their new church home. That's amazing because our services are geared more toward 2o's to 40's, God is good.Isn't that just the coolest.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

iWorship This Sunday

Whoa, am I stoked about this Sunday and our iLife series. I am talking this week on iWorship and how huge this is to Father God. Lets face it one major purpose of our life is to bring pleasure to Him. If you were thinking of coming to Faith City this Sunday, think no more, just get there... You will never be the same. And Faith City freaks bring someone with you. Thats why God invented cars that have more than one seat, so you can bring someone to church with you and you can also carry your golf clubs ( just kidding;-)about the golf clubs anyway. This message kicked my butt as I prepared for it... I am believing that many lives will be changed for good this Sunday... let's all get them there... Blessings

Freak of the Week

Wednesday night I told the church family we needed to have the "Freak of the Week" honorable mention because there are so many people at Faith City that are going over the top in Serving, loving, Growing, and just being super in making Faith City the awesome place it is. Listen I certainly know that everything that happens around the "City" is because of committed members that have got the vision in their heart and walk it out. SO... the Freak of the Week is... the whole Faith City core group,that make it happen week after week for His glory. Thank you Faith City team, you rock..We are looking for next weeks FOTW, it might be you...

Family Rocks

Kathi and I are watching Ethan our grandson yesterday and today, and it is a blast. He's the little guy in front of picture. I had a picture of Ethan and our dog Razor looking our a window together, but I can't seem to get it downloaded unto my blog. It's a PC, go figure. Anyway, we were in the toy store last night looking for just one thing to buy. Well Ethan was distracted by some weird toys I for sure was not going to get,( did I mention he is 3) so I said "Ethan look at these helicopters over here", and he said; " Oh, yeah,... Hold On", as he was walking away. Hold on, what do you mean Hold on. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the millions of distractions, I mean toys. Kind of like us with God; He says look at this or come here and we say; "yeah...Hold on..." What has you distracted so that it's hard to respond when God wants your attention. Anyway we did get the helicopter and Ethan and I am lovin it. It's the rescue helicopter ,sounds and lights and a cable that goes down to save Lego people that get stranded in the sea of carpet in the family room. I think the helicopter stays at Grandpa's house when Ethan goes home. Cool, Nana and I can play with it... Did I mention it has lights and sounds with it...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sunday Record Breaker.

Wow, Sunday was a total blast. The place was packed, the music was hot,and the Spirit was over the top. We also broke another attendance record from last week.5 people committed to follow Christ, and at least a dozen more to serve Him again. We started our series on iLife. All about purpose for our life, and that the creation can only find our purpose for living by revelation from the Creator. The Bible is our source and starting point for finding the purposes of God. Speculation is only a guess, and no one should be guessing when it comes to something as important as your life. Over the next few weeks we will cover God's purpose for our lives. It will be illuminating.
Hey, Faith City peeps, keep inviting on Sundays, your making a difference in peoples lives, they are finding God. By the way, our pod casts are up and going. Something new for us. You can get a free subscription by going to and clicking on podcast button.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Are you ready for iLife?

Sunday is coming, and it will be explosive. We will be starting iLife Series, so don't forget to invite, and pick up friends and bring them with you. Record attendance last Sunday and Easter should be even bigger. Members please remember, our goal is to love people into the kingdom, and you are doing it, because it shows. Listen we have got some awesome team players at Faith city. We applaud Vickie Duff for her heart to make everybody feel accepted. She goes out of her way to serve, and do what ever it takes to make a great first impression to our church guests and members alike. Vickie is in charge of our Guest Services and her team are trained in excellence and it is evident. Tell Vickie and her team thanks when you see her. We have many that serve in excellence. More later.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Goodby Carol

Tuesday we said goodbye to Carol Baker, as she was received by Jesus into heaven. She was one faithful sister at Faith City. Everyone that knew her loved her, she was warming, interested, and merciful. Did I mention faithful. So... her going home service was yesterday and the believers showed up and amened both myself and Pastor Richard Blue our outreach pastor. Carol was fighting cancer, and now the fight is over. I believe that, God didn't take her, but He did receive her into eternity with Him. How are you set for eternity? Is Jesus Lord? Are you just playing with your life or have you given Jesus the Lordship over it? Don't leave home without it; Salvation that is.
Don't forget to show up this Sunday for Easter service. Come early if you want a seat, it will be packed. We are starting our iLife series it will prove there is a purpose for your life. Invite, invite, and invite some more. Peoples lives depend on you to get them there, so Jesus can fix them.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday Rocked

Wow, Sundays service was over the top. The place was packed out, the songs were electric, God's Word came across powerful and lives were changed. At least 5 people committed to Christ. Over 100 prayed to seek God for an answer to their desperate situation.I spoke about, "God loves desperate people", and how the lady with a blood disease in her desperation came to Jesus. She said within herself "' If I just touch his garment I will be healed." In her desperation she crossed medical, social, and religious taboos, and followed her faith. Jesus met her at her point of faith and she was healed. This account is found in Matt 9:20-22. Jesus told her that it was her faith that got the job done. Are you desperate enough to believe God for your situation? Where are you using your faith?