Thursday, March 29, 2007

We need desperate people

What good things God is doing in the City (Faith City). You can see the overflow already? God's Spirit is flowing in our weekly services, new people are coming every Sunday looking for God. It is awesome.
By the way,this Sunday I'm going to talk about; "Desperate People Don't Stop". God is looking for desperate people to heal and set free, so we can make a difference for His Kingdom. This is your week, Bubba. So invite someone to church this Sunday, the meeting will be open to all. We would love to meet you if you've never been to a service at Faith City. Don't worry about dressing up come as you are, well you know, wear clothes. Anyway we've got a chair for you..

1 comment:

  1. Pastor, Love the blog. I'm king of having fun with this. I'm also looking forward to this series.

    I have always been a firm believer that understanding the Word and speaking it, which builds your faith is the only way to make lasting changes in your life.

    Faith by dictionary definition is a firm pursuation or firm conviction. You can substitute that in other scriptures about faith:

    "And the just shall live by their firm convictions. Heb 10:38" and for me it brings a whole new dimension of meaning.