Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm pumped

I'm getting ready for church service tonight. Wow, I'm pumped up about the Word. We are sharing on Wednesday nights on "Faith 101, so easy a caveman can do it". So tonights talk is that "Faith is our doorway to unlimited life". Gal 3:9 tells us, " So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith". the word Blessed means; empowered to prosper; also; to be in control of your situation and circumstances. That is totally awsome. A lot of times we are waiting for God to do something, while He is waiting for us to do something. Faith is stepping up and being a doer of the Word, not just a hearer; James tells us that. Yeah, at times I have to remind myself that hearing is not the same as doing. So How about you? Where have you been waiting for God to do something, buy really He's waiting for you to jump up and, "giter done"? More later.


  1. Hey Pastor, I'm pumped too. I have not been able to catch the Faith series because I've been with ID but they taught us a lot on this subject in bible college. (I think the founder was partial to teaching on the subject of faith).

    You talk about being "in control" of your situation. This reminds me of a little testimony from a couple years ago. Some were not aware that Micah had to spend the first week of his life in the NICU at Hurley due to some difficulty with his breathing. When he was born and I was holding him in my arms, I knew God had a purpose and a plan for him without a doubt. Shortly thereafter they had to take him away and hook him up to a bunch of mahcines. By this time, before we knew we had an issue the family had all been called to come see the baby and they were all arriving just as he was being taken away. I had well intentioned family members begging me to call the church and get a prayer chain started and conduct some kind of vigil right there in the hospital room. I politely asked everyone to leave because I couldn't handle all of that. I had absolute peace and confidence that he was 100% fine. I didn't feel I needed to spend a lot of time praying, because I just knew what I seen when I was holding him in my arms.
    I hoped Stephanie was not upset that I asked everybody to leave but as it turned out she was in agreement with me. They were reacting to the situation, probably based on emotion, because they did not want to see any harm come to him. I think some feel you have to work at faith for healing in much the same way that others believe you have to work for salvation. No need to work hard at it. I think this is being in "control" of your circumstances.

  2. Awesome, Pastor Karl! Over the past few weeks I'v been going through a series of mammograms and ultra sounds screening for cancer. When you mentioned the thoughts that would come to you after your Dad's death, I totally related. The thoughts came, but they never really developed into fear because God kept reminding me of the verse Ephesians 1:19. It says that the VERY SAME power that rose Christ from the dead dwells within us! So, I said that aloud when the thoughts would come. They came often, but fear never did! Thanks for reminding me what to do. Your teaching on faith has been perfect timing for me, and I'm sure for others! By the way, I received a clean bill of health yesterday, Praise God. But I am so glad I believed it before the evidence proved it.