Friday, March 30, 2007

How Desperate are You?

I'm preaching this Sunday April 1, 07 at Faith City the message; "Desperate People Don’t Stop". After 53 orbits around the Sun, I have come to the conclusion that…DESPERATE PEOPLE can do stupid things.. I know that I have had more of my share of desperate times…and have done stupid things in my desperation. Have you ever experienced a desperate situation?
Sheer desperation will cause you to make wrong decisions; say hurtful things; misunderstand others; and misinterpret what is really happening. Here is what I NOW know...GOD LOVES DESPERATE PEOPLE, and He's willing to invade our desperate time and change us into a no quit, no stopping kind of person. DON'T MISS this Sunday; I'm desperate to see you...


  1. I LOVE this video clip! It's so fun to watch.

  2. The video was totally awesome! Loved it! Would watch every day and not get tired of it! What a message to the masses!